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          The idea was born in 2018 when the founder Argineh Danelian, being an influencer herself, noticed that there was something she could contribute to the world of fashion. Her obsession with flowers and purses lead her to create something unique. As a result, she decided to combine the two like no one has ever done before. She created her very first purse that has natural dried flowers set into clear acrylic bags to create a fashion statement for women all around the world! All the flowers are naturally dried and delicately placed into the bags by specialists. She chose the first purse to have purple flowers like the “Forget Me Not” flower in honor of the Armenian Genocide.

Our founder has a strong belief and respect for handmade pieces; she assembles all the jewelry by herself using high quality gold filled 14k gold plated materials, Swarovski Crystals and glass blown charms.

Similar to her passion for jewelry, Ms, Daneli also shares a love for vintage fashion. She greatly appreciates these pieces because they have a story to tell. Moreover, she decided to showcase items from her favorite brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Prada and so much more. The brand itself represents uniqueness in a jovial and colorful way to empower women all around the world to have fun with fashion by wearing the unique pieces that Argi Daneli has to offer. 


           Argi Daneli is created by a woman for women. 

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Handmade Jewelry with Glass Fruit And Natural Dried Flowers

Los Angeles California United States

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