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LOVE YOU A BUNCH Huggies-Earrings

LOVE YOU A BUNCH Huggies-Earrings

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    LOVE YOU A BUNCH Huggies are the most fun earrings you could possibly wear on your ear! Also, it is a perfect set with our LOVE YOU A BUNCH Necklace and Bracelet!

    What is made of;

    • 15mm 14-k Goldfilled Hoop
    • 3 Sizes Italian Glass Heart Beads  
    • 14-k Goldfilled Wires
    • 14-k Gold Plated Brass Tag
    • Mother-of-Pearl Heart Bead 

    Please note that all the millefiori beads are slightly different in sizes, shapes, and colors which adds to their beauty. Each Huggie is unique!

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Handmade Jewelry with Glass Fruit And Natural Dried Flowers

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