WEAR YOU MASK Necklace and Mask Holder

WEAR YOU MASK Necklace and Mask Holder

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    This gorgeous piece is specially designed to morn in multiply ways! You can use it to hold your mask while out and about by having great accessories around your neck! It can also be worn as a necklace by attaching the clasps together. Also, you can attach any of our ADD ON CHARMS to the one or both ends to make it even more unique for yourself!  

    • Crystal Beads 
    • 14k Goldfilled 
    • Alphabetical Beads 
    • Length: 22"
    • 100% Handmade With 100% JOY

    It comes in 3 different colors, green, blue, & cream! Please let us know which color you'd like while placing you order by leaving us a message!

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Handmade Jewelry with Glass Fruit And Natural Dried Flowers

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